Can I see the supply of xAssets?

Although the privacy features of Haven allow for anonymous accounts, balances and transactions, it was decided early on in the development phase that it would be beneficial to have transparent XHV and xAsset supplies. The live circulating supply of all assets can be viewed here.

The decision to make them visible was for several reasons including:

  • It allows for more efficient monitoring of the Haven network, which means attempted attacks and large scale manipulation can be detected and mitigated much faster.

  • It gives users greater confidence to enter the Haven network with the ability to view the number of XHV and xAssets in circulation at any given moment.

  • It allows for greater visibility and therefore greater analysis on coin metrics websites. As a result, to ensure accuracy and visibility, each mint and burn transaction will be created in such a way that amounts will be discoverable through analysis of the blockchain, and displayed in the Haven block explorers.

This will allow users to maintain standard Monero levels of anonymity and wallet address privacy while allowing a clear view of circulating supply.

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