What can Haven be used for?

This is just a brief overview of the many use cases that Haven could have in the future.

Storage- Anyone who wants to store value outside of the traditional banking system without giving up their privacy and autonomy. Only you can access and use your wealth as you see fit.

Asset Conversion- With the first asset, xUSD, live on mainnet we will be expanding the network by introducing a suite of private digital assets (xAssets) to cover major fiat currencies and high profile commodities such as xEUR, xCNY, xGOLD and xSILV. Anyone using the network can convert between all supported assets within their own digital vault. No counter-party, no 3rd party permission required, no limit on liquidity.

Payments- Haven can be used for anything that does not require instant settlement and where privacy is desired. E-commerce plug-ins for Haven offer a simple solution for any business to easily integrate Haven payments into their store

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