Get Offshore Balance


Return the wallet's balance in xUSD.

Alias: None.


  • account_index - unsigned int; Return xUSD balance for this account.

  • address_indices - array of unsigned int; (Optional) Return balance detail for those subaddresses.


  • balance - unsigned int; The total balance in xUSD of the current haven-wallet-rpc in session.

  • unlocked_balance - unsigned int; Unlocked funds are those funds that are sufficiently deep enough in the Haven blockchain to be considered safe to spend.

  • multisig_import_needed - boolean; True if importing multisig data is needed for returning a correct balance.

  • per_subaddress - array of subaddress information; Balance information for each subaddress in an account.

    • address_index - unsigned int; Index of the subaddress in the account.

    • address - string; Address at this index. Base58 representation of the public keys.

    • balance- unsigned int; Balance for the subaddress (locked or unlocked).

    • unlocked_balance - unsigned int; Unlocked balance for the subaddress.

    • label - string; Label for the subaddress.

    • num_unspent_outputs - unsigned int; Number of unspent outputs available for the subaddress.


$ curl -d '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":"0","method":"get_ofshore_balance","params":{"account_index":0,"address_indices":[0,1]}}' -H 'Content-Type: application/json'
  "id": "0",
  "jsonrpc": "2.0",
  "result": {
    "balance": 157443303037455077,
    "multisig_import_needed": false,
    "per_subaddress": [{
      "address": "55LTR8KniP4LQGJSPtbYDacR7dz8RBFnsfAKMaMuwUNYX6aQbBcovzDPyrQF9KXF9tVU6Xk3K8no1BywnJX6GvZX8yJsXvt",
      "address_index": 0,
      "balance": 157360317826255077,
      "label": "Primary account",
      "num_unspent_outputs": 5281,
      "unlocked_balance": 157360317826255077
      "address": "7BnERTpvL5MbCLtj5n9No7J5oE5hHiB3tVCK5cjSvCsYWD2WRJLFuWeKTLiXo5QJqt2ZwUaLy2Vh1Ad51K7FNgqcHgjW85o",
      "address_index": 1,
      "balance": 59985211200000,
      "label": "",
      "num_unspent_outputs": 1,
      "unlocked_balance": 59985211200000
    "unlocked_balance": 157443303037455077

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