Haven Protocol

Offshore Sweep All


Send all unlocked xUSD balance to an address.
Alias: None.


  • address - string; Destination public address.
  • account_index - unsigned int; Sweep transactions from this account.
  • subaddr_indices - array of unsigned int; (Optional) Sweep from this set of subaddresses in the account.
  • priority - unsigned int; (Optional) Priority for sending the sweep transfer, partially determines fee.
  • mixin - unsigned int; Number of outputs from the blockchain to mix with (0 means no mixing).
  • ring_size - unsigned int; Sets ringsize to n (mixin + 1).
  • unlock_time - unsigned int; Number of blocks before the haven can be spent (0 to not add a lock).
  • get_tx_keys - boolean; (Optional) Return the transaction keys after sending.
  • below_amount - unsigned int; (Optional) Include outputs below this amount.
  • do_not_relay - boolean; (Optional) If true, do not relay this sweep transfer. (Defaults to false)
  • get_tx_hex - boolean; (Optional) return the transactions as hex encoded string. (Defaults to false)
  • get_tx_metadata - boolean; (Optional) return the transaction metadata as a string. (Defaults to false)


  • tx_hash_list - array of: string. The tx hashes of every transaction.
  • tx_key_list - array of: string. The transaction keys for every transaction.
  • amount_list - array of: integer. The amount transferred for every transaction.
  • amount_usd_list - array of: integer. The amount transferred for every transaction.
  • fee_list - array of: integer. The amount of fees paid for every transaction.
  • tx_blob_list - array of: string. The tx as hex string for every transaction.
  • tx_metadata_list - array of: string. List of transaction metadata needed to relay the transactions later.
  • multisig_txset - string. The set of signing keys used in a multisig transaction (empty for non-multisig).
  • unsigned_txset - string. Set of unsigned tx for cold-signing purposes.


$ curl http://localhost:17751/json_rpc -d '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":"0","method":"offshore_sweep_all","params":{"address":"hvxy5mxT87WWDCfsAYYEtq9K8KNbPTRaEd2nKgLgPN3qP5PpH1AaJ6TaYYec9L2hKZGpuxQ4uZ4tkFFLxjaLHVAY7QZoBmW3g2","subaddr_indices":[4],"ring_size":7,"unlock_time":0,"get_tx_keys":true}}' -H 'Content-Type: application/json'
"id": "0",
"jsonrpc": "2.0",
"result": {
"amount_list": [9985885770000],
"fee_list": [14114230000],
"multisig_txset": "",
"tx_hash_list": ["ab4b6b65cc8cd8c9dd317d0b90d97582d68d0aa1637b0065b05b61f9a66ea5c5"],
"tx_key_list": ["b9b4b39d3bb3062ddb85ec0266d4df39058f4c86077d99309f218ce4d76af607"],
"unsigned_txset": ""