How do the transactions work?

Haven has a unique way of processing transactions that take a little thought but are very simple once you understand the way they work.

Each input in a user's balance can be thought of as a banknote. An example of this would be:

Anne receives 20 XHV to her Haven vault. This then becomes a 20 XHV 'note'. She wants to send 10 XHV to Bob so in effect sends the 20 XHV note and receives 10 XHV in change once the transaction is complete.

It's worth noting that if you have 1000 XHV in your vault and you received this balance as 10x 100 XHV then you have 10 inputs or 'notes in your vault. If you want to send 150 XHV then you have to send 2 x 100 XHV and wait for the change of 50 XHV once the transaction is complete. This applies to any transaction whether you are transferring any Haven xAsset or whether you are converting between xAssets (say xUSD to xGold).

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